Motogadget Chronoclassic Speedometer and m-TRI Signal Adapter Triumph Scrambler 2014 (Finish: Black Bezel)

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Brand: Motogadget

  • Motogadget Chronoclassic Seedometer and m-TRI
  • Signal Adapter Triumph This is a bundled kit of a
  • Motogadget Chronoclassic Speedometer and a m-TRI
  • Signal Adapter that enables near plug-and-play connectivity for
  • Triumph
  • With a
  • Black dial and a
  • White indicator the design resembles old
  • Smiths brand instruments
  • In the past, it was not possible to remove the original gauges on
  • Triumph twins 2011+ and triples 2006+
  • Once the original gauges were disconnected, the built-in electrical
  • CAN bus system of these models instantly became inoperative
  • No modifications were even possible
  • The m-TRI
  • Signal Adapter does the heavy digital lifting to enable an aftermarket gauge to work with
  • Triumph's OEM electrical system
  • Features: Analog speedometer dial driven by a precision stepper motor
  • Displays: speed, average speed, max speed, rpm, max rpm, max positive acceleration (0-20.0 m/s2), max negative acceleration, gear indicator (1-6), trip meter, odometer (adjustable), battery voltage, air temperature (optional instead of water temp), oil temp 40-160C (104-320F) with high/low warning, oil pressure 0-8 bar (0-116psi) with high/low warning
  • Indicator lights: turn signal, high beam, neutral,
  • Red triangle for different warning functions either external (e g oil pressure switch) or internal (rpm, temperature, pressure, voltage)
  • Mounting diameter: 80mm (3.15) Bezel diameter: 85mm (3.35) Depth without cable fitting: 34mm (1.34) Mounts via three M4 threaded holes on rear face
  • Made in
  • Germany Includes: m-TRI
  • Signal Adapter Chronoclassic Speedometer with 55cm (21.5) connection cable
  • Miniature push-button switch
  • Stainless steel speedometer sensor (M5x0.5) with 150cm (59) connector cable 2 neodymium mini magnets 3 M4 mounting screws with washers
  • Detailed installation and operating instructions
  • Note: Temperature sensors, pressure sensors and mounting bracket sold separately
  • The gear shift indicator is a mathematical function calculated from rpm and ground speed values and does not require any internal transmission sensors
  • Please note that the model year of your
  • Triumph is not necessarily identical to the year of manufacture
  • The 10th VIN digit identifies the model year
  • Example: A 2010, B 2011, C 2012 etc
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Finish: Black
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Finish: Black
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